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21-06-23 23:23:08
sandakan: -read-
13 days ago

bahbah: Yeah keep removing the truth:F no worry one time u will be to late and everyone saw it:F everyone says the same as me except you yourself, tell me how much arrow pays you to not get suspended:F

Greatings, your friend shotty
22 days ago

gledreus: This admin, he's trying to put the blame on others regarding the bad state of the game...It's in fact his negligence and inactivity as game admin that has brought bd down
22 days ago

dood439: sup
22 days ago

sabahan: Hi
23 days ago

sandakan: @dood439: heroic item?
26 days ago

dood439: im selling a heroic for 100c are you interested I purchaseing it?
26 days ago

dood439: me good
26 days ago

sandakan: How you ?
26 days ago

sandakan: Im good
26 days ago

dood439: sup how are you today
26 days ago

sandakan: @dood439: hi
26 days ago

dood439: :P
26 days ago

dood439: im here
26 days ago

sandakan: -facepalm2-No one here-wall-
26 days ago

sandakan: Hello Newbie Welcome to BD -pixie-
28 days ago

sandakan: Hello The Newcomer
36 days ago

lilbill: Buy golem 250c
72 days ago

cameran: Does any1 no wut i could buy?
73 days ago

dood439: who want to join the yeet clan
98 days ago

jotarokujo: just got here :D
128 days ago

10nexus: hello
139 days ago

dood439: wazup
140 days ago

ultra_instinct: Hello newbies
149 days ago

nayyy: yuh
152 days ago