Chat » Weeb (change)
20-11-30 17:51:22
afreshkill: E
21 hours ago

tsugumi: Where are you degenerates-search-
2 days ago

tsugumi: Ahh just finished Sky wizard academy-coffee-
9 days ago

mvp123: hmmm
10 days ago

chicky-chick: 336196
12 days ago

chicky-chick: Oi
12 days ago

tsugumi: Coz the server got moved
30 days ago

xxdriftyxx2: quick questions. why did the chats reset themselves?
30 days ago

3p6kaiv: -devil2-
37 days ago

tsugumi: Tadaima
41 days ago

tsugumi: *giorno theme plays*
41 days ago

argos: Maoujou de oyasumi
44 days ago

mvp123: re zero season 2 is a masterpiece
67 days ago

mvp123: Arts and culture
68 days ago

mvp123: the weeb is back
i return from my long journey
explore japanese A
68 days ago

mvp123: 2nd
68 days ago

-iu-: 1st
75 days ago