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21-01-19 22:16:31
sirdoomknight: Donald Trump is a good man with bad intentions
5 min ago

nayyy: @sirdoomknight: not yet
10 min ago

sirdoomknight: You guys hear Donald Trump is officially out of office?
41 min ago

lookasss21: lol when your the most elite clans and all you have to defend your castle is imps
2 hours ago

sirdoomknight: Yeet
4 hours ago

quest: Congrats on the Mon
4 hours ago

_whyshe-: Yea and if bad conection .. u can get fastly ati code 🤣🤣🤣
4 hours ago

quest: Not sure..I don't play that often..even less now.. Anti not code every 2 minutes
4 hours ago

_whyshe-: @quest: hey what name new mobs at new land like aurora
4 hours ago

_whyshe-: Just 1
4 hours ago

quest: How many times did you have to enter the anti bot code ?
4 hours ago

_whyshe-: Swamp Monster - Ace (10)
Swamp Monster
Congratulations! You KILLED Swamp Monster!
Experience: +4.32 billion
Lottery tokens: +1
Got item! Field plate of Strength (IV)
4 hours ago

lookasss21: mp chat, ty -pray-
7 hours ago

-kiroro-: nice
9 hours ago

swallowtail: Online: 1
Gaia #1
10 hours ago

-llbm-: Seriously.. he stay at lvl 99 what a looser he avoiding some barb on lvl 100
10 hours ago

-llbm-: dark_sky
Level 99 Necromancer

Seen today @ Gaia PvP
10 hours ago

phoenixl: hmm
10 hours ago

skullblood58: Looking for weapon level 80
11 hours ago

sirdoomknight: ChiLL
16 hours ago

nivram: Oh sorry
17 hours ago

sponge_bob: Mp chat only bro
17 hours ago

nivram: Looking for weapon level 100
17 hours ago

ndower: :R
19 hours ago

claymax: Yeah Language
20 hours ago