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20-10-20 11:33:43
-timeless-: @bob-dylan: i doubt he can get there or be able to handle them
4 min ago

-shotgun-: Just try antagarich.. best exp in game
7 min ago

bob-dylan: @-trixter-: try earth dragon
8 min ago

-trixter-: Later
22 min ago

-timeless-: Then do the quest
23 min ago

-timeless-: South gate all the way north if I remember correctly
24 min ago

-trixter-: @-timeless-: locked, still didnnt completed the quest
24 min ago

-timeless-: Sugdar's Chapel
26 min ago

-trixter-: @-timeless-: which gate?
28 min ago

-timeless-: Kracken gives nice experience
29 min ago

-trixter-: Which aurora mob gives best xp?
29 min ago

-timeless-: I know that name but I forget atm who it is
30 min ago

-shotgun-: onelasttime become Death Angel
6 sec -clap-
36 min ago

-timeless-: I thought lvl 140 recipes went to top 10 on class last round. Needless to say I was sadly mistaken. Lol owell
45 min ago

-shotgun-: Yeah i didnt expect something else-lol-
48 min ago

-timeless-: @-shotgun-: i want that timeless helm ;D
51 min ago

-shotgun-: lvl 140 helm?-think-
58 min ago

quasicrystal: I'm finally putting on gear lol new record for me. Going to Lvl 85 gearless from lvl 1 death angel
59 min ago

zaikan: -search-
1 hour ago

zaikan: can't find pumkin -serch-
1 hour ago

jameshetfield: @rise: lol
1 hour ago

kutless: We all lagging here
1 hour ago

kutless: @quasicrystal: 20mins left
1 hour ago

labradog: Is it me or is Gaia1 lagging?
1 hour ago

kutless: -smoke-
1 hour ago