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21-04-12 17:01:13
--jdv--: I hope i still have charms to use
16 min ago

-shotgun-: @--jdv--: come BA bro no need hp boost let me try hit 2.3M atleast
17 min ago

-shotgun-: @--jdv--: yes i know lol, my dmg in challange is more now:F but this dude doesnt understand anything
18 min ago

--jdv--: U can shotgun try use first spell wirlwind grandmaster will give u 500% critical base on my observation
19 min ago

-shotgun-: Thanks
21 min ago

_0_0_: No offense tho but with that gears u have u hit like shit :)
21 min ago

-shotgun-: That wasnt my question..
22 min ago

_0_0_: Still need to max my sp is not even in the 1k
22 min ago

-shotgun-: Are u having fun suiciding?
22 min ago

_0_0_: Ok??
23 min ago

-shotgun-: This damage is weak tho, i used to hit 2M first hit on ulti damage when i used bow/quiver
24 min ago

-shotgun-: Whatever
25 min ago

-shotgun-: Sure
25 min ago

_0_0_: @-shotgun-: nice charms iii or maybe higher
25 min ago

-shotgun-: Keep suiciding-rofl-
25 min ago

-shotgun-: Not my problem lol
25 min ago

-shotgun-: +25% Dexterity Time left: 79:25:05
+25% Wisdom Time left: 127:25:05
+10% Damage Time left: 103:25:05
+30% Endurance Time left: 55:25:05
+15% Strength Time left: 31:25:05
+25% Armor Time left: 07:25:05
26 min ago

_0_0_: For sure I dont believe that but ok
26 min ago

-shotgun-: I dont understand with what u mean with "i have weak gear and i still hit u"
26 min ago

-shotgun-: Yes i am on charm I too?
26 min ago

_0_0_: @-shotgun-: am only on I charms and my gears is still weak and I hit u still -rofl-
27 min ago

-shotgun-: Assassin sucks in pvp lol
28 min ago

poohmagic: where charm drop?
28 min ago

-shotgun-: I did
28 min ago

_0_0_: @-shotgun-: normal charms alone dont let me get iii charms or ii
29 min ago