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24-04-23 07:53:28
fantasia: when this vault going to be fix :(
1 giờ trước

-timeless-: @reppa: sadly, yes. It needs to be removed in my opinion.
2 giờ trước

reppa: Gear lock on G1?
7 giờ trước

1-20: Update?-search-
8 giờ trước

loli-1: Penta still going hard AF on this game. Mad respect
14 giờ trước

-timeless-: Or am studying them. Advice and instructions welcomed.
15 giờ trước

-timeless-: And:Recipe of Thunder Bringer  [Epic]
Recipe of Venomancer's Mask  [Rare]
15 giờ trước

-timeless-: I've started my study on lvl 150 Recipes. So far I've studied these: Inventory (5/100):
Recipe of Grieving Raiment  [Rare]
Recipe of Maximum Glare  [Rare]
Recipe of Nether Warboots  [Rare]
15 giờ trước

denyutjantung: @pentatone: holy sh..... 102m 🙉
16 giờ trước

ahriman_: Probably 120m when u get that
17 giờ trước

ahriman_: @pentatone: still need strength and damage boost from clan jobs too bro ;D
17 giờ trước

pentatone: Not bad🤭
18 giờ trước

pentatone: Congratulations! You won the battle!
Experience: +2.95 trillion [50%]
Wins Today: 40/2500 [100% XP]
pentatone - 102,627,151
Forest Spirit [6] - 5,631,981
18 giờ trước

denyutjantung: Jvd is back too ..
18 giờ trước

denyutjantung: @mybad: welcome back bro 😁 old players are back whooooah..
18 giờ trước

__edo_tensei__: @pentatone: nice welcome back
18 giờ trước

mybad: Hi 👋
18 giờ trước

denyutjantung: Ty bro .. 😚
19 giờ trước

denyutjantung: @pentatone: Inventory
Sagittarius' Magic scroll
Sagittarius' Magic scroll
Crafted with gear items.
Damage: +1555-2555
Armor: +2555
Strength: +1555
Dexterity: +555
Endurance: +555
Wisdom: +755
Prot. from Fire: 75%
19 giờ trước

shark_frenzy: @pentatone: welcome back kuya hehe
20 giờ trước

pentatone: @denyutjantung: the sagittarius ms is fix. Reequiped it to update the stat
20 giờ trước

shark_frenzy: yoyo
20 giờ trước

3p6kaiv: Friends deguido3 was attacking castles. I tried to help you defend yours. Check yours to refill.
21 giờ trước

__edo_tensei__: @-timeless-: thank you sisy
21 giờ trước

-timeless-: Now I need to learn about lvl 150 recipes so I can pick a very good 1 for my diablo
22 giờ trước