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21-09-26 02:36:46
shark_frenzy: -rofl-
15 min ago

mast3r: My precious 200c aaaaaaaa
46 min ago

mast3r: Try to increase your Hp to max, then use ancient pot. Your HP gonna down to 9m ;D
47 min ago

-trixter-: my mp, pm for offers
1 hour ago

19jay97: mp chat
4 hours ago

j3llyb3an: glitch in pet mp
Class: Amazon
Level: 1
Experience: 60/100
Owner: j3llyb3an
Current bid: 1
Buy it now ( 1000)
Deadline: 2021-09-26 21:50:25
You must pass the requirements to make a bid.
4 hours ago

-timeless-: @jumskin: maybe you are on wrong vault. Try visit another vault.
5 hours ago

jumskin: Where’s all my stuff in vault
6 hours ago

just_game: -wall-
9 hours ago

prinsesa: sad
9 hours ago

just_game: In vault
9 hours ago

just_game: lV
9 hours ago

just_game: I lose 12 Vl charm voult, dreamer fix it,,,
9 hours ago

richardjohn1: Who sells the evil grinch ms for 150c?
10 hours ago

richardjohn1: Check my mp
11 hours ago

prinsesa: @kimsmart: yeah. I think so.
11 hours ago

kimsmart: @prinsesa: Oh, I see, it's as if automatic farming.
11 hours ago

prinsesa: @kimsmart: i dunno vbut when I saw it in youtube. I think it's auto click and attacks. Blah blah blah. More on programming headache.
11 hours ago

kimsmart: What does the bot do?
11 hours ago

kimsmart: How did these people use bots?
11 hours ago

kimsmart: Suspended for using the bots.
These players and all their alts are not worthy of anything.
Shame on them!
💩 death_to_weasels
💩 -_deadshot_-
💩 -anduen-
💩 tsugumi
💩 bernie
💩 -shotgun-
💩 -tr4x3x-
💩 -kakashi
11 hours ago

kimsmart: -lol- Life starts at 70.
11 hours ago

-fubu-: @kimsmart: 70
11 hours ago

kimsmart: Wondering how old are the elders. :D
11 hours ago

prinsesa: You have died!
You have died recently and the elders are using their energy to resurrect you.
11 hours ago