How to play
BlackDragon is online role-playing game for mobile internet. The very short basics of the game are explained below.

Your character has four skills which you increase after each level up.

Strength directly increases your physical damage. Each strength point gives you 1 additional damage.
Dexterity increases your chances of hitting the opponent with weapon and missing the opponent's physical hit as well.
Endurance increases your total health and health regeneration rate. One endurance point is equal to 10 health points.
Wisdom increases your total mana and mana regeneration rate. One wisdom point is equal to 10 mana points.

Your character can wear one weapon, four armor items (helm, shield, body armor, boots), amulet and two rings. Unique items might have extra properties, such as, skill increase, additional damage, armor, health, mana, etc. Exploring the map and equiping your character with the best items available is one of your main objectives.

Ever battle costs 1 stamina point. Please note that movement is free.

Spells can be learned in towns. To learn it, you must pass the requirement which usually is wisdom. Wisdom increases power of spells as well. Please note that barbarians have no offensive spells.

Pets are your companions who help you in the battles. More information at Pets -> Information.

Battles are turn-based and consist of 3 rounds (or 4 if you use pets). The one who deals more damage, wins. Firstly, a spell is casted and then weapon is used. Damage is reduced by armor (counting half of it). Magic resistance might be gained from special items.

You reappear in your home land every time you die.

Hopefully this helps! Good luck in the game and have fun!
If you need more information, please visit forums or chat.