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elshobokshy: Are you a great idea maker? Have you played enough games to know what will a new game need? Do you think you have a potential of giving great advice about what needs to be added/removed/modified in a game but no one ever listens to your opinion? And most of all are you interested to be part in the Heraldon Development team? Well, here is your chance! We were looking for more interested people that are great idea makers to join us in the team, people that are willing to check the group posts that have and will be made and tell their opinion in a comment on what they think about it and what should be added/removed/modified/got any suggestion or just expressing their opinions to make it more interesting.

We are looking for quality over quantity, so reply this post by answering this question:
- If you were to join a totally new version of Black Dragon, where anything you want can be implemented. What is the things you would like to see?

Amaze us with your reply and ideas, and get a chance to join the team. Oh, did I mention that everyone in the group will be the FIRST to try Heraldon Beta version?
15-01-24 12:38
mustorador: Good
15-01-24 12:52
garthog: Great
15-01-24 13:01
legendneverdies: the things needed to add in the new version of blackdragon are :
1> New clan system..there should be ranking system among the members as generals,officers,warriors and recruits..only clan leader will be able to change a player's rank...and the clan job system should be present when we do cj,in one map there are a lot of players gathered..clan job should be like killing a certain monster or something like that...clan level should be introduced...clan should levelup like players do but will need a lot more exp to levelup...and high level clan will give more stat bonus..

2> add elemental damage to weapons only,like many rpg games as diablo,titan quest etc runes and gems should add elemental damage when slotted in weapons..

3> there are many items which seems to be a set like elven battlemage robe,cowl,boots there should be set bonus when weating a set..

4> change the personal task system,it should be like there would be a riddle about the mob and the land which we need to kill to complete the if we can't solve the riddle we will unable to complete the task...

that's all for now,i hope the ideas will be taken...-paladin- -ghost- -good2-
15-01-24 13:21
-mortred-: nice -good-
15-01-24 13:48
kiler997: Since all characters have mana, and there is already something called life leech, wouldnt it be fun adding mana leech or mana burn? It should do dmg not on flat amounts, but a percent of maximum mana/wisdom (ofc user's wisdom affects this number).
2nd thing I'd like to see are quivers for amazons. They would add damage and some stats, but decrease armor. Tho bow dmg will have to be reduced.
And the elemental damage is a great idea!
15-01-24 13:59
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