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loir: Whstw you looking for in this app? Just a basic link to the site? Or do you want it to have more of a feel if a game app on the play store? I.e. Little to no scrolling and everything contained in one screen?

The first is really easy to achieve. Type site to apk in Google and follow the instructuons. An apk file is just a zip file with a manifest and signature on it to keep count of what's in the zip File to avoid tampering. An apk build for this site would basically be a text file with a hyperlink to this site. Then some script to make it use that link. It would be tiny and should solve very little purpose. unless however your browser uses alot of screen space for navigation menus and such. If that's the case this solution would be perfect for you. I can upload one of these to my github account if you want? All coding on github is free for all to see and use. I can't however post a url here as you know so message me with details if you want.

I started trying to make a more game like app that you would find on the playstore. However making pages like the market place split is harder than just linking a page. I have to edit the code to reduce the amount of items that show on each page to make it so you press next instead of scrolling. It's not hard at all to edit the script but it is however highly illegal of me to do so and can't without the owner's permission. Dreamer has other projects and usually takes a few days to reply. Soon as he checks his fb and gives my access I will start trying to make a good apk file for you all to use. All info will be on github so anyone can see what I've edited and done to change things. Basically so dreamer can check its all safe. (if he can even be bothered, lots of work in checking scripts so there is a good chance he won't allow this)
15-12-21 16:32
loir: I wonder how hard this could be to achieve. I may actually have a go at this
15-12-16 12:16
boudica: There was a Black Dragon app. It is no longer available.
15-08-26 16:43
lordscreamers: agree, please dreamer
15-08-15 19:07
optic_scumpy: Yes do it pls
15-06-04 19:16
-leonardo-: *Screen
15-02-09 14:37
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