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This was needed long ago: you will find anytime at "Chat -> Rules for Black Dragon RPG". 

Rules for Black Dragon RPG: 

You are responsible for what you post in the game. Rules apply everywhere, including Chat, Forums & Private Messages. 

Any violation of these rules will result in a temporarily Ban: 

1. ENGLISH everywhere except the Chat rooms for other languages as designated, or in Private Messages. 

2. No Chat Drama, Trolling, or Threats. 

3. No Racism, Politics, Religion, Gay bashing, Sexual harrasment, Antisemitism (or any type of religious intolerance), excessive Taunting or Name-calling. 

4. No Swearing or Inappropriate names (sexual, obscene, drug or racist) including the titles on equipped items. 

5. No Abbreviated and/or letter substitution for swear words in Chat, Forums or Private Messages. 

6. No Buying/Selling/Giving/Trading in any Chat, except Marketplace or Clan Chat. 

7. No Flooding and/or Spamming in Chat or Forums. 

8. No Pornographic images on profile, includes using letters, numbers or symbols to make pornographic images on profile or on equipped items. 

9. No Posting URLs, links or website addresses in Chat or Forums or on a Player Profile. 

10. No Promoting other games anywhere. 

11. No all caps allowed in any Chat (considered yelling). 

12. No Profile Messages that will stall out cell phones. 

You will immdetiately get Suspended for breaking any of these rules: 

13. No Account Selling, Sharing, Giving, or Trading. 

14. Selling or Buying Credits from other players for real money (or phone air time, load, etc.) is NOT allowed. 

15. No Automated bots. 

16. No Manipulation of code(s) and/or abuse of glitches. 

17. No Cloning the user name of other players or admin. 

Since it is impossible to foresee all problems in advance in order to address all possible issues in the game rules, few selected players were appointed to act as Moderators. 

There may be times when issues arise that are not covered in the rules, and the Moderators will make decisions on those issues at the time. 

It’s all about having fun! Keep the drama to a minimum and have respect for other Players AND our Moderators. 

Long live Black Dragon RPG! 

Thank You, 
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