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silent_blue: It has been said before and will be said again but server 2 or gaia 2 is better than its counter part gaia 1 or server 1.

This is because of a thing I like to call the cycle of servers.

What it means is at a certain point a new server is cycled through. And example is when everyone is in server 2 and it becomes like server 1 that is the cycle of servers for g2 it becomes like that because everyone has what is needed and what they want to do and the same thing is with g1.

S2 is only boring because of S1. S1 set a standard that we all play by so when server 2 becomes more like that standard it is greeted by the cycle where the server is not fun to play and this cycle last till dragons aka the last day of s2 and the end of its cycle.

S2 is boring because we do the stuff we need to do this game is set up in goals and that is good but there needs to be smaller ones to achieve because we complete big goals like craft certain gear and we are left empty and bored not knowing what to do which is the end of s1 cycle and this is a problem server 1 has nothing to do after you craft your gear. You level yeah but then what you get more gear from playing s2 then you come back to s1 and you repeat the cycle no one needs or wants to do that and this cycle really needs to end in all honesty. While the game is fun at times its not fun at others and this cycle of servers needs to stop.

Thanks for reading
16-05-19 00:10
moenecro: 💎💎💎💎💎 Diamonds I stead of stars cause so good
16-05-19 04:08
alphawolf: I agree a fresh server needs to happen it will also promote new players to stay longer
16-09-05 04:45
mvp123: Yeah blue :)
20-06-30 07:49
laughingcoffin: Then old servers would die and be ghost servers by then.
20-09-27 15:58
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