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AmuletAssassin80» Recipe of Assassin's heirloom @ Gaia PvP
Jewel of wisdom (V)
Demon's The lich's heart

AmuletNone110» Recipe of Diamond amulet @ Gaia PvP
Master genie's Eye of the Tempest
Silver Pegasus' Eye of the Tempest

AmuletNone120» Recipe of Dragon Amulet @ Gaia PvP
Ogre Mage's The holy spirit
Lich's The holy spirit

AmuletNone115» Recipe of Erc amulet @ Gaia PvP
Master genie's Diamond amulet
Silver Pegasus' Dragon's eye

AmuletNone100» Recipe of Eye of the Tempest
Silver Pegasus' Kreya's pendant
Master genie's Mysterious token

AmuletNone80» Recipe of Hunter's mark
Demons baron's Amulet
Infernal Troglodyte's Amulet

AmuletPally80» Recipe of Kreya's pendant
Jewel of wisdom (V)
Monk's Master's charm

AmuletNone80» Recipe of Magic amulet
Genies ruler's Amulet
Genies ruler's Amulet

AmuletNone90» Recipe of Master's charm
Glorious Gold dragon's Amulet
Zealot's Amulet

AmuletNone90» Recipe of Mysterious token
Lichs mogul's Amulet
Medusa emperor's Amulet

AmuletNone110» Recipe of Nexus prism @ Gaia PvP
Lich's Eye of the Tempest
Ogre Mage's Eye of the Tempest

AmuletNone100» Recipe of Plainswalker's legend @ Gaia PvP
Master genie's Kreya's pendant
Master genie's Magic amulet

AmuletDruid80» Recipe of Relentless amulet
Jewel of wisdom (V)
Archi magi's Magic amulet

AmuletNone80» Recipe of Silver amulet
Medusa emperor's Amulet
Infernal Troglodyte's Amulet

AmuletNecro80» Recipe of Soranith's amulet
Jewel of wisdom (V)
Lich's The lich's heart

AmuletBarb80» Recipe of Soul of the north
Demon's Hunter's mark
Jewel of wisdom (V)

AmuletNone130» Recipe of The Prophecy @ Gaia PvP
Genies ruler's Dragon Amulet
Genies ruler's The holy spirit

AmuletNone115» Recipe of The holy spirit @ Gaia PvP
Lich's Dragon's eye
Ogre Mage's Nexus prism

AmuletNone80» Recipe of The lich's heart
Lichs mogul's Amulet
Marksman's Amulet

AmuletNone90» Recipe of The warlord's crest
Demons baron's Amulet
Ogre Mage's Amulet

AmuletAmazon80» Recipe of Water spirit's blessing @ Gaia PvP
Lizard's Hunter's mark
Jewel of wisdom (V)


ArmorNone80» Recipe of Ancient's majesty
Hydra's Gothic mail
Basilisk's Hard leather armor

ArmorNone70» Recipe of Beastmaster garb
Quilted armor of Endurance (V)
Basilisk's Studded leather

ArmorNone60» Recipe of Bloodsoaked leather
Naga queen's Hard leather armor
Vampire lord's Leather armor

ArmorDruid90» Recipe of Bloodspeaker robe
Imp's Blood leather armor
Vampire lord's Venoms ward

ArmorNone80» Dragon plate (no recipe)

ArmorNone70» Recipe of Elven battlemage robe
Elf's Hard leather armor
Chaos hydra's Full plate mail

ArmorNone90» Recipe of Entropy
Hydra's Gothic mail
Dendroid's Splint mail

ArmorNone110» Recipe of Etched spirit @ Gaia PvP
Greater basilisk's Woodland finery
Naga queen's Woodland finery

ArmorNone80» Recipe of Eternal dignity
Dwarf's Amulet
Light plate of Endurance (V)

ArmorNone90» Recipe of Fire king's trappings
Demons baron's Amulet
Splint mail of Health (V)

ArmorNone90» Recipe of Forgotten armor
Bowman's The centurion
Elf's Gold skin

ArmorNone100» Recipe of Inferno mantle @ Gaia PvP
Naga queen's Oakcase
Naga's Oakcase

ArmorNone120» Recipe of Lescanza Skin @ Gaia PvP
Naga queen's Runemaster's chain
Pit lord's Runemaster's chain

ArmorNone110» Recipe of Lightning shroud @ Gaia PvP
Naga queen's Woodland finery
Pit lord's Woodland finery

ArmorAmazon80» Recipe of Mantle of the north @ Gaia PvP
Lizard's Beastmaster garb
Jewel of armor (V)

ArmorNone90» Recipe of Nature's avatar
Hydra's Full plate mail
Naga queen's Studded leather

ArmorBarb80» Recipe of Oakcase
Golem's Bone flesh
Jewel of armor (V)

ArmorPally80» Recipe of Purifier vestments
Monk's Gold skin
Jewel of armor (V)

ArmorNone70» Recipe of Ravager armor
Pit fiend's Hard leather armor
Pit lord's Ring mail

ArmorNone70» Recipe of Ravager skin
Monk's Ring mail
Naga's Scale mail

ArmorNone120» Recipe of Resplendent Mail @ Gaia PvP
Pit fiend's The encrusted masterpiece
Dendroid's The encrusted masterpiece

ArmorNone115» Recipe of Runemaster's chain @ Gaia PvP
Pit lord's Dragon plate
Naga queen's Etched spirit

ArmorNone80» Recipe of Serpent vestment
Chaos hydra's Gothic mail
Naga queen's Light plate

ArmorAssassin80» Recipe of Stonecase @ Gaia PvP
Jewel of armor (V)
Imp's Ravager armor

ArmorNone100» Recipe of Sylvan garb @ Gaia PvP
Pegasus' Fire king's trappings
Pegasus' Mantle of the north

ArmorNone125» Recipe of The Ageless Hunter @ Gaia PvP
Naga queen's Lescanza Skin
Dendroid's Resplendent Mail

ArmorNone115» Recipe of The encrusted masterpiece @ Gaia PvP
Pit fiend's Dragon plate
Dendroid's Lightning shroud

ArmorNone90» Recipe of The radiant sun
Pit lord's Light plate
Pikeman's Leather armor

ArmorNone90» Recipe of The warlord's cage
Pit lord's Chain mail
ADendroid's Splint mail

ArmorNone90» Recipe of Traveler's robe
Monk's Hard leather armor
Naga's Studded leather

ArmorNecro80» Recipe of Vigilant hauberk
Pit fiend's Blood leather armor
Jewel of armor (V)

ArmorDruid80» Recipe of Wildclaw
Jewel of armor (V)
Pegasus' The centurion

ArmorNone100» Recipe of Woodland finery
Greater basilisk's Oakcase
Naga queen's Vigilant hauberk


BootNone115» Recipe of Arclight boots @ Gaia PvP
Wyvern monarch's Forest dancers
Greater basilisk's Lifewalk

BootNone80» Recipe of Beastmaster boots
Basilisk's Chain boots
Greater basilisk's Heavy boots

BootNone115» Recipe of Companion's wisdom @ Gaia PvP
Lizard's Forest dancers
Vampire's Lifewalk

BootNone120» Recipe of Dawntread @ Gaia PvP
Lizard's Companion's wisdom
Greater basilisk's Lifewalk

BootNone70» Recipe of Elven battlemage boots
Elf's Heavy boots
Pegasus' Chain boots

BootNone100» Recipe of Forest dancers
Greater basilisk's Volcano boots
Wyvern monarch's Growth of ages

BootNecro80» Recipe of Grace of night
Vampire's Arctic boots
Jewel of armor (V)

BootNone100» Recipe of Grimstomp @ Gaia PvP
Greater basilisk's Growth of ages
Greater basilisk's The warlord's tread

BootDruid80» Recipe of Growth of ages
Pixie's Forest boots
Jewel of armor (V)

BootNone110» Recipe of Lifewalk @ Gaia PvP
Greater basilisk's Forest dancers
Wyvern monarch's Forest dancers

BootPally80» Recipe of Panther's paw
Griffin's Battle boots
Jewel of armor (V)

BootAssassin80» Recipe of Shadowstep @ Gaia PvP
Vampire's Beastmaster boots
Jewel of armor (V)

BootNone100» Recipe of Skin of Vistira @ Gaia PvP
Greater basilisk's Volcano boots
Wyvern monarch's The warlord's tread

BootAmazon80» Recipe of Stormdancers @ Gaia PvP
Lizard's Elven battlemage boots
Jewel of armor (V)

BootNone90» Recipe of The warlord's tread
Lizard's Heavy boots
Magi's Chain boots

BootNone130» Recipe of Treads of Justice @ Gaia PvP
Lizard's Dawntread
Lizard's Lifewalk

BootBarb80» Recipe of Volcano boots
Jewel of armor (V)
Ogre's Lava boots

BootNone100» Recipe of Wyrmwiders @ Gaia PvP
Wyvern monarch's Panther's paw
Wyvern monarch's Volcano boots


HelmNone70» Recipe of Beastmaster helmet
Crown of Damage (V)
Gorgon's Ring

HelmNone70» Recipe of Champion's helm
Champion's Gothic shield
Unicorn's Full helm

HelmNone60» Recipe of Chaos glare
Medusa's Assault helm
Vampire lord's Undead crown

HelmNecro70» Recipe of Death helm
Undead crown of Damage (V)
Avenger guard of Damage (V)

HelmPally80» Recipe of Diamond mask
Monk's Helm of glory
Jewel of armor (V)

HelmNone120» Recipe of Dragon Helmet @ Gaia PvP
Orc chieftan's Soulchannel
Imp's Soulchannel

HelmNone80» Dragon crest (no recipe)

HelmAmazon80» Recipe of Elfhame @ Gaia PvP
Lizard's Helm of glory
Jewel of armor (V)

HelmNone70» Recipe of Elven battlemage cowl
Elf's Antlers
Imp's Cap

HelmNone80» Recipe of Eternal beauty
Bowman's Falcon mask
Dwarf's Amulet

HelmNone80» Recipe of Fire king's crown
Medusa's Assault helm
Demon's Amulet

HelmNone100» Recipe of Glacial crown
Greater basilisk's Nightwolf crest
Orc chieftan's Tyrant's horns

HelmNone80» Recipe of Gram's relic
Dwarf's Hawk helm
Dendroid's Hawk helm

HelmNone70» Recipe of Harmony of all
Mighty gorgon's Ring
Bowman's Antlers

HelmNone90» Recipe of Helm of nobility
Gargoyle's Antlers
Lizard's Jawbone cap

HelmNone80» Recipe of Helm of the wild
Harpy's Wolf head
Imp's Wolf head

HelmNone90» Recipe of Mask of slaughter
Vampire lord's Assault helm
Vampire's Undead crown

HelmDruid80» Recipe of Nightwolf crest
Dendroid's Helm of glory
Jewel of armor (V)

HelmNone90» Recipe of Pulsing horns
Dendroid's Great helm
Elf's Mask

HelmNone70» Recipe of Ravager helm
Dendroid's Hawk helm
Monk's Full helm

HelmNone100» Recipe of Restless gaze @ Gaia PvP
Vampire lord's Eternal beauty
Vampire lord's Spite

HelmNone80» Recipe of Serpent of Vistira
Magi's Full helm
Unicorn's Great helm

HelmNone80» Recipe of Shadow assassin mask
Vampire's Demon head
Jewel of armor (V)

HelmNone80» Recipe of Sight of the eagle
Bowman's Hawk helm
Efreet's Avenger guard

HelmAssassin80» Recipe of Smoke's cowl @ Gaia PvP
Jewel of armor (V)
Imp's Ravager helm

HelmNone110» Recipe of Soulchannel @ Gaia PvP
Orc chieftan's Dragon crest
Imp's Glacial crown

HelmNone90» Recipe of Spite
Magi's Undead crown
Vampire lord's Spirit mask

HelmNone120» Recipe of The Lich's Eye @ Gaia PvP
Monk's The oracle
Vampire's The oracle

HelmNone90» Recipe of The iron crown
Basilisk's Full helm
Imp's Skull cap

HelmNone115» Recipe of The oracle @ Gaia PvP
Monk's Dragon crest
Vampire's Soulchannel

HelmNone90» Recipe of The warlord's horns
Imp's Fanged helm
Efreet's Avenger guard

HelmBarb80» Recipe of Tyrant's horns
Ogre's Demon head
Jewel of armor (V)

HelmNecro80» Recipe of Wyrmskin cowl
Vampire's Demon head
Jewel of armor (V)


RingNone130» Recipe of Arcstone @ Gaia PvP
Shiny Night dragon's Rahvan's Fist
Shiny Night dragon's Ring of Chaac

RingNone80» Recipe of Bloodsoaked ring
Vampire's Undead crown
Zombie's Ring

RingNone130» Recipe of Broken Promise @ Gaia PvP
Mighty Gorgons king's Hero's ring
Mighty Gorgons king's Rahvan's Fist

RingNone90» Dragon's eye (no recipe)

RingNone80» Recipe of Elven ring
Elf's Antlers
Ring of Mana (V)

RingNone130» Recipe of Eternal Union @ Gaia PvP
Almighty Archangel's Hero's ring
Almighty Archangel's Rahvan's Fist

RingNone80» Recipe of Fire king's will
Demons baron's Ring
Demons baron's Ring

RingAmazon80» Recipe of Forest light @ Gaia PvP
Jewel of wisdom (V)
Lizard's Master's charm

RingBarb80» Recipe of Gleamstone
Demon's Bloodsoaked ring
Jewel of wisdom (V)

RingNone80» Recipe of Gold ring
Halberdier's Ring
Rogues chief's Ring

RingNone115» Recipe of Hero's ring @ Gaia PvP
Mighty Gorgons king's Dragon's eye
Demons baron's Keh's rulership

RingNecro80» Recipe of Keh's might
Jewel of wisdom (V)
Lich's The lich's tooth

RingNone110» Recipe of Keh's rulership @ Gaia PvP
Infernal Troglodyte's Spellbinder
Mighty Gorgons king's Spellbinder

RingPally80» Recipe of Lorethal's eminence
Monk's Gold ring
Jewel of wisdom (V)

RingNone110» Recipe of Plainswalker's relic @ Gaia PvP
Archi magi's Spellbinder
Harpy Hag's Spellbinder

RingDruid80» Recipe of Queen's husk
Jewel of wisdom (V)
Archi magi's Recovery ring

RingNone120» Recipe of Rahvan's Fist @ Gaia PvP
Mighty Gorgons king's Ring of Chaac
Mighty Gorgons king's Hero's ring

RingNone90» Recipe of Recovery ring
Rogues chief's Ring
Sprite's Ring

RingNone115» Recipe of Ring of Chaac @ Gaia PvP
Shiny Night dragon's Dragon's eye
Mighty Gorgons king's Plainswalker's relic

RingNone100» Recipe of Spellbinder
Infernal Troglodyte's Gleamstone
Mighty Gorgons king's Keh's might

RingAssassin80» Recipe of Stoutgrip @ Gaia PvP
Mighty gorgon's Fire king's will
Jewel of wisdom (V)

RingNone130» Recipe of The Oculus @ Gaia PvP
Medusa emperor's Rahvan's Fist
Medusa emperor's Ring of Chaac

RingNone80» Recipe of The lich's tooth
Ogre Mage's Ring
Lichs mogul's Ring

RingNone90» Recipe of The warlord's sign
Infernal Troglodyte's Ring
Harpy Hag's Ring


ShieldNone80» Recipe of Berserker shield
Ogre's Bone shield
Champion's Crown shield

ShieldAmazon120» Recipe of Dragonscale Quiver @ Gaia PvP
Dwarf's Moon quiver
Lizard's Moon quiver

ShieldNone80» Recipe of Flechette ward
Jewel of armor (V)
Champion's Wonder shield

ShieldNone60» Recipe of Glimmerhold
Lizard's Targe
Rondache of Wisdom (V)

ShieldNone115» Recipe of Guardian of Naraca @ Gaia PvP
Champion's Guardian shield
Champion's The protecter

ShieldNone110» Recipe of Guardian shield @ Gaia PvP
Champion's The protecter
Champion's The protecter

ShieldNone90» Recipe of Meteoric shield
Dendroid's Kite shield
Cavalier's Tower shield

ShieldNone90» Recipe of Mirror of Vistira
Medusa's Aerin shield
Dwarf's Rondache

ShieldAmazon80» Recipe of Moon quiver @ Gaia PvP
Lichs mogul's Amulet
Lizard's Quiver

ShieldNone90» Recipe of Platinum shield
Dwarf's Lance guard
Golem's Steel clash

ShieldAmazon120» Recipe of Redwood Quiver @ Gaia PvP
Greater basilisk's Moon quiver
Greater basilisk's Moon quiver

ShieldNone90» Recipe of Royal shield
Champion's Crown shield
Griffin's Heraldic shield

ShieldNone130» Recipe of The Impaler @ Gaia PvP
Champion's Guardian of Naraca
Champion's Guardian of Naraca

ShieldNone100» Recipe of The protecter @ Gaia PvP
Champion's Meteoric shield
Champion's Platinum shield


WeaponAssassin115» Recipe of Abyssal avatar @ Gaia PvP
Crusader's Suwayyah
Minotaur king's Suwayyah

WeaponNone80» Recipe of Addiction
Ogre's Great axe
Crusader's Spiked club

WeaponNecro120» Recipe of Ancestors Hands @ Gaia PvP
Minotaur king's Apocalypse
Skeleton's Apocalypse

WeaponNone110» Recipe of Apocalypse @ Gaia PvP
Crusader's Manastorm spire
Minotaur king's Spirit of Bolivar

WeaponDruid80» Recipe of Archdruid's station
Minotaur's Battle staff
Elf's Gnarled staff

WeaponAssassin60» Recipe of Assassin's kiss
Assassin's Blades (V)
Assassin's Dirk (V)

WeaponAssassin80» Recipe of Balance @ Gaia PvP
Cyclop king's Assassin's kiss
Jewel of damage (V)

WeaponDruid80» Recipe of Bear claws
Dwarf's Amulet
Claws of Strength (V)

WeaponNone80» Recipe of Beastmaster staff
Mighty gorgon's Ring
Long staff of Health (V)

WeaponNone90» Recipe of Blackened tooth of Karsha
Barbarian's Great axe (V)
Cyclop king's Flamberge

WeaponNone60» Recipe of Blood drinker
Necromancer's Dagger (V)
Minotaur king's Yew wand

WeaponNone60» Recipe of Bloodletter
Bastard sword of Damage (V)
Pegasus' War sword

WeaponNone70» Recipe of Bloodpounder
War axe of Health (V)
Wolf's War hammer

WeaponAmazon60» Recipe of Bloodthief
Jewel of strength (V)
Elf's Mancatcher

WeaponNone70» Recipe of Champion's defender
Champion's Tower shield
Crusader's Mace

WeaponNone60» Recipe of Champion's edge
Archangel's Ring
Paladin's Scimitar (V)

WeaponAssassin90» Recipe of Circle of death @ Gaia PvP
Cyclop king's Balance
Ancient behemoth's Assassin's kiss

WeaponNone70» Recipe of Citaa
Minotaur's Great sword
Gremlin's Dagger

WeaponBarb90» Recipe of Claw of fury @ Gaia PvP
Skeleton's Angelic axe
Crusader's Endkindled cleaver

WeaponAmazon80» Recipe of Cliffkiller
Medusa's Ceremonial bow
Jewel of dexterity (V)

WeaponBarb120» Recipe of Crimson Tide @ Gaia PvP
Crusader's Claw of fury
Minotaur king's Claw of fury

WeaponAmazon90» Recipe of Crystal cloudstrike @ Gaia PvP
Crusader's Cliffkiller
Medusa's Wizendraw

WeaponAmazon130» Recipe of Dawn Hunter @ Gaia PvP
Crusader's Dragonbones
Crusader's Warmaker

WeaponNecro90» Recipe of Death razor @ Gaia PvP
Crusader's Isterus wisdom
Skeleton's Lazarus spire

WeaponNone75» Recipe of Desert fire
Great axe of Mana (V)
Monk's Morning star

WeaponAmazon60» Recipe of Doomlance
Jewel of strength (V)
Wolf's Mancatcher

WeaponAmazon80» Recipe of Doomslinger
Crusader's Crossbow
Jewel of dexterity (V)

WeaponNecro120» Recipe of Double Scythe @ Gaia PvP
Skeleton's The resurrector
Medusa's The resurrector

WeaponDruid130» Recipe of Dragon's Breath @ Gaia PvP
Skeleton's The curving stream
Skeleton's The resurrector

WeaponAmazon120» Recipe of Dragonbones @ Gaia PvP
Crusader's Warmaker
Ancient behemoth's Warmaker

WeaponNone80» Recipe of Dragonheart
Great maul of Dexterity (V)
Black knight's Maul

WeaponNone60» Recipe of Earth crafter
Weak Maul
WWeak Great maul

WeaponBarb80» Recipe of Endkindled cleaver
Cyclop's Angelic axe
Jewel of damage (V)

WeaponNone90» Recipe of Fire king's foecrusher
Demons baron's Amulet
Giant axe of Strength (V)

WeaponNone100» Recipe of Flawless
Minotaur king's Endkindled cleaver
Centaur captain's Frenzy

WeaponPally80» Recipe of Frenzy
Crusader's Glorious sword
Jewel of damage (V)

WeaponNecro95» Recipe of Frost talon
Skeleton's Soul harvest
Dread knight's Undead wrath

WeaponPally90» Recipe of Frostheim @ Gaia PvP
Monk's Heirloom sword
Crusader's The patriarch

WeaponNone110» Recipe of Fury of the elements @ Gaia PvP
Minotaur king's Mourneblade
Cyclop king's Xeria's fury

WeaponDruid90» Recipe of Genesis @ Gaia PvP
Centaur captain's Bear claws
Crusader's Lazarus spire

WeaponAmazon60» Recipe of Gorerod
Jewel of strength (V)
Magi's Matriarchal pike

WeaponBarb80» Recipe of Grimsteel reaver
Ogre's The chieftain
Goblin's The minotaur

WeaponNone60» Recipe of Hands of flame
Sprite's Ring
Crusader's Bone wand

WeaponDruid120» Recipe of Hands of the North @ Gaia PvP
Centaur captain's Genesis
Centaur's Genesis

WeaponPally80» Recipe of Heirloom sword
Crusader's Glorious sword
Monk's Holy sword

WeaponAmazon60» Recipe of Ichorsting
Monk's Chu-ko-nu
Jewel of dexterity (V)

WeaponNone80» Recipe of Istaura's justice
Necromancer's Double axe (V)
Barbarian's Broad axe (V)

WeaponNecro80» Recipe of Isterus wisdom
Jewel of damage (V)
Skeleton's Lazarus spire

WeaponDruid80» Recipe of Magister's station
Jewel of damage (V)
Elf's Shaman's staff

WeaponNone100» Recipe of Manastorm spire
Crusader's Frenzy
Minotaur king's Isterus wisdom

WeaponNone100» Recipe of Mourneblade
Crusader's Endkindled cleaver
Minotaur king's Frenzy

WeaponNecro120» Recipe of Nightfall @ Gaia PvP
Minotaur king's The resurrector
Minotaur king's The resurrector

WeaponDruid80» Recipe of Oakheart staff
Centaur captain's The salamander
Pegasus' Lazarus spire

WeaponAmazon80» Recipe of Pluckeye
Jewel of dexterity (V)
Ogre's Short war bow

WeaponNone90» Recipe of Rahvan's sunsword
Minotaur king's Great sword
Paladin's Bastard sword (V)

WeaponNone70» Recipe of Ravager axe
Barbarian's Great axe (V)
Barbarian's Large axe (V)

WeaponAmazon60» Recipe of Raven claw
Jewel of dexterity (V)
Gremlin's Long bow

WeaponAssassin70» Recipe of Shadow assassin blade
Assassin's Blades (V)
Assassin's Talons (V)

WeaponAmazon100» Recipe of Soldier's justice @ Gaia PvP
Ancient behemoth's Ceremonial bow
Ghost Behemoth's Matriarchal bow

WeaponNone80» Recipe of Soulburn
Harpy's Great axe
Crusader's War axe

WeaponAssassin120» Recipe of Soulflame @ Gaia PvP
Ghost Behemoth's Suwayyah
Ancient behemoth's Suwayyah

WeaponNone100» Recipe of Spirit of Bolivar
Troglodyte's Frenzy
Pikeman's Frenzy

WeaponAssassin100» Recipe of Suwayyah @ Gaia PvP
Ancient behemoth's Katar
Ghost Behemoth's Talons

WeaponAssassin130» Recipe of The Fourth Soul @ Gaia PvP
Minotaur king's Abyssal avatar
Minotaur king's The Fourth Wind

WeaponAssassin120» Recipe of The Fourth Wind @ Gaia PvP
Minotaur king's Abyssal avatar
Crusader's Abyssal avatar

WeaponBarb130» Recipe of The Immortal @ Gaia PvP
Black knight's Dragonheart
Black knight's Earth crafter

WeaponPally130» Recipe of The Inferno @ Gaia PvP
Crusader's Frostheim
Crusader's The Onslaught Flame

WeaponAssassin120» Recipe of The Judgement @ Gaia PvP
Cyclop king's Abyssal avatar
Skeleton's Abyssal avatar

WeaponPally130» Recipe of The Light Bringer @ Gaia PvP
Monk's Frostheim
Monk's The Onslaught Flame

WeaponPally120» Recipe of The Onslaught Flame @ Gaia PvP
Monk's Frostheim
Crusader's Frostheim

WeaponNecro130» Recipe of The Skullcrusher @ Gaia PvP
Skeleton's Dragonheart
Skeleton's Earth crafter

WeaponNecro100» Recipe of The curving stream @ Gaia PvP
Ancient behemoth's Grim wand
Ghost Behemoth's Yew wand

WeaponNone80» Recipe of The lich's hands
Lichs mogul's Ring
Lichs mogul's Amulet

WeaponNecro115» Recipe of The resurrector @ Gaia PvP
Crusader's The curving stream
Skeleton's The curving stream

WeaponNone90» Recipe of The soul vortex
Druid's Battle staff (V)
Druid's War staff (V)

WeaponNone80» Recipe of Thorn
Crusader's Morning star
Gnoll's Spiked club

WeaponNone90» Recipe of Thunderstroke
Cyclop king's Giant axe
Minotaur king's Great axe

WeaponAmazon115» Recipe of Warmaker @ Gaia PvP
Ancient behemoth's Soldier's justice
Crusader's Soldier's justice

WeaponAmazon60» Recipe of Witherstring
Pixie's Hunter's bow
Jewel of dexterity (V)

WeaponAmazon80» Recipe of Wizendraw
Jewel of dexterity (V)
Gnoll's Long battle bow

WeaponNone100» Recipe of Xeria's fury
Skeleton's Endkindled cleaver
Harpy's Frenzy
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