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dawn_bringer: its just idea,but now when pvp servers dont have much to offer. i just dont want to go there and do same thing 20 times.
17-10-06 02:12
dawn_bringer: after you win diablo and royal diablo pvp servers cant offer you much..

i have idea hove to make pvp servers more interesting

quests for pvp servers that would offer relics super items.

King Arthur Excalibur [legacy] or King Arthur Excalibur [legendary] they should have golden colour when you wear them and let others to know that you won them.

quest should be hard for example

part 1.

bring 6 required weapons.

1.Ogre's Isterus wisdom
2.Minotaur king's Wizendraw
3.Crusader's Frenzy...

part 2.

hunt special tiems.

1. Dragon Blood-from blood dragons

2. Dragon Bone- from bone dragons...

this update could brong so much for this game.
17-10-06 01:59
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