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digzy: -Creates a task that rewards recipe, runes, or magic scrolls from killing monsters. But, this task can only be completed three times a day in the sense there is a limit.
-Also, in terms of pvp, the time it takes the player to attack the opponent please renewed. Because every player who loses is obviously disadvantaged, it could be because his frustration can make the player does not want to play this game because of annoyance, can be interpreted to reduce this game enthusiasts
-.There is also an idea from me, from the clan program, please propagate or give leeway in terms of member clan member limits. at least 30 members or 20 members. this is meant to make it easier for new players to ask for help on their friends on the original server.
-In terms of rewards, there can be at least 100 large winners if the show has ended, even if the reward received is not as big as a reliable winner. But it can add interest to continue playing this game.
-Thanks You
-Hope it can be a good idea
17-12-30 09:26
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