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tekkie: Best ides ever!
19-12-05 02:58
killer_phoenix: I agree
18-11-26 08:49
1lonleyhero: Many of the things in this wonderful rpg cost credits. Beginers however don't have access to credits. This causes them to miss out on amazing things. Most things in the market cost credits, this stops beginers from getting things that could help them on their adventure. I propose that all monsters ( or at least most of them) have a chance of dropping credits. This could work if we make the stronger monsters drop more since things cost more the stronger you get. You could also give beginers a few credits at the start, mabey make it a prize for finishing the tutorial. After giving them the credits warn beginers about spending them to quickly. The drop rate for credits should be low, so people don't get something like 35 credits every level. You should mabey make a gold to credits transfer person in the place where the breeder is, ( I think it's the Old Arena ) this could help people who have piles of gold they aren't even using. Of course these are just suggested ideas and you proubly have reasons for making credits unacsesible to beginers, but please think about it.
ps.Your rpg is awsome
18-01-18 21:30
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