Bugs » Quest rotation crashes
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michelleviolet: Same happens to me today if claiming reward of earlier ending quest, click 'home', visit quest page again and that solved one with much more XP is exchanged to new.
Why does anybody care about this? :(
18-08-19 13:21
fisch1975: Finishing two quests, claiming one an using the "back link" gives three new quests instead of having the other solved in line.
18-03-25 11:57
fisch1975: 1) I finished one quest and started #2 and #3 with one or two units. Then I claimed reward, followed link 'home', visit quest monitor again and only one of two started quests are remain. They had +10h time.

2) Sometimes it's lucky to get two quests with same foes, but if one is full the counting of the other quest doesn't start.

3) I remember, if one quest is finish, then 'claim reward' and click 'give new' makes a similar crash. I would expect this quest giver gives a new one but often or always those open quests I was happy to start are changed as well. Frustrating!
18-03-20 08:26
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