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heather1: Dreamer: Please!
20-06-08 22:00
-timeless-: Please fix Prince Gelare quest. The Prince Gelare ring hasn't dropped since you made the server both g1 and martis can be played.
19-10-21 22:01
myz: me too , i lost many item at market when before after merge
19-10-20 00:10
-timeless-: -point- Teleport to Antagarich[change]

Do you want to go there?
» Conflux town

What is this? New area?
19-10-18 18:16
_indo-leader_: my items who already sell at mp before merge not back until now,,,
19-10-18 13:59
-timeless-: Blacksmith Clancy

No items were found or wrong combination.

So Bernie's lich tooth he got this message he gave to me. I couldn't make it as well so I got replaced the ingredients with mine. Now trying to use his ingredients I cant make the lich tooth. So ingredients are comprised when using deconstructing. But not always because I have deconstructed other items successfully.
19-10-17 08:36
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