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wrapmeinplast: INTRODUCTION
It was a beautiful day, when an explosion occured in the distance from an mountain of fire that bestowed the air as flame's, it was the magnificent Mocas fire dragon, Ruby soaring through the sky as a ball of flame and crashed down with raging fire releasing from it's mouth and burning everything in it's path which was the villages and the villagers ra but some did fight the vicous creature but they were turned into the dust that they are.
After the destruction of the village of the sun, the creature then flapped it's wings very hard and went to destroy other villages, all the other villages in the mountain of fire, soon the other villages were destroyed too and the villagers ran out with fear and pain only Toana village and the village of fire were left, the village of fire was destroyed by the dragon but was left.
The dragon then called his minions and built a cave which was named later as fire dragons cave but the Dragons work is not complete he is trying to take over the other two villages, but the villages are holding back the dragon.
But they cannot hold it back forever, something must be done to the dragon or the or the villagers are doomed...
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