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inuyasha: Hello Everyone. Just to start off, this is not my original account. I used to go by Bluntslayer, my original barbarian. I just happened to come accross this old account and wanted to leave my gratitude to Dreamer and all the original players that I started with in this game. I remember the very first pvp server and Sins winning it like the consumate professional he was and probabaly still is. The long nights grinding with Ashe, REM, Lizrd-King, Lightning and so many others. Those havoc that Diablo and Smily brought to the game, the arguing, the commradierie are things that I will never forget. Well I hope if any of the OG players see this, they have and blessed life in everything they are doing. Oh and a big shout out to all my Pinoy homies too.
22-09-04 19:49
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