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idiot_terror: Can you buy a pet and put it as default in settings? If you can put pet as default too, your browser might be a problem.
11-04-22 20:16
pony: I did try that vafunculo and it didn't help.
11-04-21 11:27
vafunculo: if you have learned a spell you should be able to use it wouldn't be your mana etc...try to log off then on...this seems to fix a lot of issues in my experience maybe it will work for this.
11-04-21 07:38
pony: I can't seem to make spell sets. I click on add set, I name the spell set, I select the spells for the 3 slots and I click on confirm. Nothing happens. No spell sets are added. Is my level or my mana too low to create spell sets?
11-04-21 07:27
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