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Lees van die begin af
nipz: Hmmm.. Might do that. Lol. R3d hates it when people camp like that.
11-04-29 05:53
smash: lol just hide out then find a good spot then shoot ppl as they go past that way u can hear them cry lol
11-04-29 05:50
nipz: No way! Sometimes those people are really funny. Especially when they sing, and sound like a raccoon dying in a garbage disposal.. Lmao
11-04-29 05:48
smash: turn off the speaker lmao
11-04-29 05:32
nipz: Lmao. I haven't been brave enough to play it online. Don't wanna hear the people talk about how bad I suck.
11-04-29 05:29
smash: i have lol its better then black ops becuz i rock at online on it and suck at online in black ops
11-04-29 05:26
bladsy: 3/4
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