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muttleyaxe: Posting of Battle Reports in Chat is no longer allowed per Dreamer, owner/admin, of this game. The long postings can slow down some phones. Thanks!
13-04-12 23:05
muttleyaxe: NEVER share or give out your password to your account. You are responsible for anything that happens via that account.

"WARNING " no selling or buying accounts.

Please note that selling credits for real money is NOT allowed as this always leads to scams in real life. We shouldn't let this happen so if you see anyone offering their credits (note: selling for php load in Philippines), it is suspendable offense
Please remember, there are kids that do play here, too.
When putting items in market it is NOT advisable to use the BACK function on your browser, whether it be phone or PC. We cannot correct errors made by players in market, sorry.

Also rules apply to mail and in the game if your unfamiliar with them ask muttley

EXCESSIVE CURSING IN CHAT OR FORUMS IS STILL BANNABLE. Ass is included in that. Remember, kids do play this game too.

All caps in chat any chat room anywhere you go is considered yelling. Please do not use all caps.

General cursing is still bannable. Minor usage such as damn as long as not excessive is one thing but b*, f words, c* word are. Please don't play naive people.

This Is straight from the admin, players, and will be enforced by moderators as far as the usage of 'f' in abbreviated chat and forum postings.
" dreamer: Personally, I believe that if "f" is used in abbreviated curse word, then it shouldn't be allowed. However, there's nothing wrong in "lmao" as it is very widely used. " This means no more usage in wtf, lmfao, lmmfao, etc.

Do not spam chat, this includes with smileys. Remember, chat is ENGLISH only. There is a forum for smileys, players.

Keep real life personal problems out of chat. Also, Rascism and rascist remarks are bannable offenses.

Keep it clean in chat. No Vulgarity and excessive taunting that causes chat disruption. No spamming in chat, or flooding with long trade listings or heavy usage of smileys, it can stall some cellphones.
13-04-01 20:04
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