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gimli: hi i wold like to know wat games yall think are cool .im a big gamer and like to know what yall think of gameing today(pleas no online games) thank you :)
11-09-28 17:10
kingsta: My favorite xbox360 games nba 2k11.crackdown.cod.halo.gta4. saints a row2.madden12.dystant warriors 5.fight round4. etc*...
11-09-29 03:01
kittkat: thats cool but iv notice that sports games value drop like rocks iv sen them go 4 98cents and lower
11-09-29 08:08
kingsta: Lmao -rofl- what country are u in? im in america and the only sports game that might go for 95cents is a super old one or a messed up one even old playstation 1 games go for 3dollars lol madden12 cost around $50 on xbox360 so i disagree
11-09-30 00:03
gimli: what meant was some sports games drop fast .and i said SOME not all
11-09-30 11:27
epicdude: he even SPELLED it wrong! it's gaming (NO "E"!) but my fav is Wipeout 4 Wii ("Great. They're making a Wii U. Lets just be glad they're not calling it the Wii P.";)
11-11-20 21:46
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