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danedric16: I cannot play all links are placed on top of each other even words and it freezes a lot too
13-07-13 06:58
thriller: xD
13-03-14 18:02
kir0: Idk how you guys but i can do everything on my touch phone.
13-02-18 19:49
pompyangtres: page refreshed only when i click different link. happens too often, good thing theres link to switch in mobile.
12-09-25 18:08
phoenix_crusader: one problem : i cant use spell and pet or maybe i dont have any spell and pet .... let me know :)
12-08-09 16:50
boudica: In the bronze theme, there is a single white pixel below & to the left of the bottom text. I don't know if it's present in all the themes, I haven't checked.
12-08-09 09:22
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