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sins-of-a-saint: As many of you have realized, I am semi retired from this game. Life has just been way too busy for me to play. I learned today that lzrdking passed and had to stop in to pay tribute to him on the forums. I met lzrdking about 9 years ago on another online game. He was always pleasant and easy to chat with and really left an impression on me. It's funny how you can never actually meet a person face to face and yet feel like you know them.
I hope everyone will wish his family, some of which play this game, their deepest condolences. He will be deeply missed. :(
12-12-28 03:20
swtdrmz: LzrdKing you was kind, funny, sweet n supportive. Ty for being a friend. RIP
13-01-04 03:19
oops: Oh my god R.I.P LZRD KING from your friendS DOOZA &TEMPTRES i have played was good friend of his a long time my condolances to his family jessica he will be missed by us all shaders
13-01-07 08:10
ramadora: my deepest condolences to lzrdkng's family. He will truly be missed. Thanks for your endless kindness.
13-01-12 01:55
shatter: rip lizzardking. u made shade and this game fun for me i will miss you
13-01-13 14:07
katrine: i don't know this guy but it seems like he's kind and friendly. R.I.P. dude rest beside our god.
13-01-30 04:49
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