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lightning: thanks to dreamer for putting monuments to lzrdking and st1ng-rage in the new martis maps . a fitting tribute for 2 much loved players . we still miss you guys
16-06-20 21:31
amoon: Very nice :)
15-09-28 18:15
elshobokshy: kleenor your post is amazing. :(
15-01-25 13:05
boudica: Very nice post kleenor. -v-
15-01-03 18:41
kleenor: ok, a player here sent me a pm asking if lzrdking is dead or he just stopped playing.. i told him i dont know.. after that i remembered something..

there was this paladin, he is about level 25.. he only mines gem, and check erathia blacksmith if there are any good items and buy it.. then a player sent a message to this guy.. he asked if he wants some extra item.. this guy said yes.. he only thought that it will be something like a sword he bought from the blacksmith.. but the guy traded a nice weapon.. a "slapsh0ck"Angelic Saber with two level 5 amethyts..

the poor guy was like "WOW!! I never had this kind of weapon and I thought I will never have it!" he added some rings of wisdom(v) and a monks chain boots and several other minor items..

the poor guy thanked him and the nice guy replied to him that someday they will hunt dragons together..

because of the new weapon he had, he manage to kill some quest units for lvl.20-40.. and some of them dropped stamina potions which the guy sold in marketplace for 1c each.. then he bought a war bonnet, a forest boots, and a blood leather armor all for 1c each..

the poor guy was me, and the nice guy is lzrdking... ahhh..
15-01-03 18:27
kleenor: i miss this dude.. he
was the first one to help me
here.. he even told me that
someday we can kill dragons
together.. but that never
happened.. i wanna thank him
once again for his help.. without
him i cant reach this far in this
game.. farewell dude..
14-05-27 07:42
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