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cherokee_rose: It also might be useful to know that you need to fill your pack up for the journey.

You'll need:
1. Portal spell to your town to retrieve more health/mana pots during the battle.

2. Many of the largest health pots available for your level.

3. Several mana pots.

Experiment with your spell sets against the quest.

You'll most likely make a few trips to town for more health/mana. If you're gone more than 60 seconds, someone can/will kill your quest unit. (10 seconds if they're in your clan)
14-02-12 19:59
boudica: There are level brackets for Quest Units:

To find a Quest unit for your level bracket, go to your Home page. Then click on the Quests icon. It will show you what Quest units are available & where they are located. If you are at level 19, 39, 59 or 79 you need to know that you may pop your level up to the next level bracket & you can no longer fight the Quest unit that you were just now fighting. It happens sometimes because Quest units give good experience. The End.
13-01-17 07:30
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