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ajex: Dreamer,please get join to MOPAY. Cause the provider from indonesia joined MOPAY to get money game service.
13-09-10 09:01
mingii: I want to buy credit with zong..
But i don't know..
Please help me... I want to buy suporter
13-05-13 02:56
lordajiee: Purchase system is working in indonesia for few weeks... But now me and all ppl from indonesia cant buy any credits.,. Please do something dreamer... Thanks
13-04-13 22:33
h3x0r: Dreamer , To me it's very good this new system. The Paymentwall allows brazilians players to purchase credits too. many players left this game cause' without credits it was hard , but now i'm sending sms , posting links on facebook and sharing this news !!! And to me.. the prices are good. very fair. Thanks Dreamer !
13-03-31 04:59
xet: Sorry, this payment method is not available in your country ;D

good update tho for those who can't purchase creds before -good-
13-01-31 09:32
synt4x: Maybe if 100php smart load is = to 50c.. Maybe many pe0ple here in ph will buy credit via paymentwall n0w.. Many player complain that its expensive..including me and we cant afford that price.. * Some of player buying credits to other player.. They exchange their globe mobile load to the credit of other player..
13-01-31 08:06
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