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-fubu-: Dreamer, maybe you should add a choice for purchasing credits in Philippines via SMS "10php=40c" "50php=200c" so we don't need to buy 10 after 10php such a waste of time
18-03-10 10:16
haqkmmind: I guess something maybe dreamer can do it for us in Nigeria.In Paymentwall #100 for 50c and +the double credits i think the rate of people that would buy credit will increase.thanks dreamer
17-05-30 07:47
lazark: Sir dreamer it's not working to me, I try to purchase credits by mobile, but it's always a problem. Always come to Singapore networks. Intead my country Indonesia. I'd change the payment to IDR but still come to SGD.
16-07-19 06:51
lapono_72: me to ...!
15-12-09 09:35
plat: Am player from indonesian, cant buy credit at one month, via paymentwall mobiamo, please pix its fast, make that buy credit easy via paymentwall mobiamo
15-03-26 07:29
flesh_eater: Maybe partnering with globe telcom is great. I dont know how to use smart and maybe globe is the sim that most ppl use in philippines
14-02-26 10:53
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