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cherokee_rose: Many of us are scammed every day by players who simply don't do what they promised to do in trades. This is not the same thing as a "glitched trade", but simply where one player promises something and does not honor their word in the trade.
13-06-20 18:33
cherokee_rose: foxamivalth: Dear dreamer,
I need to make a scam report. Today, I put a Recipe of Forgotten Armor in the MP with starting bid of 7g and buy it now of 15g. It was supposed to be credit not gold. Yeah, my fault. But I PM'ed the buyer (bad_boy) to see if he was willing to return it to me. He put it back in the MP, for 5 credits. I told him that I wanted him to trade it to me and I didn't want to buy my own stuff for credits. He told me that he didn't have any credits to buy the recipe back for himself. So I suggested that I would buy it for 5c and then I put a random item in the MP and he would then buy it with the credits he just gotten. He agreed and so I did it. He didn't buy the item (Healing Potion) I put in the MP. So I asked him, he said he wanted my Mighty Gorgon Ring, not Healing Potion. He has tricked me and scammed me, and I knew he would try to take all my stuff if I continue the trade.
What I want is my 5 credits back to me, and the user is punished, ban if possible. It's someone's REAL money afterall, one can't trick and steal it like that. If he didn't want to return the recipe to me, then he could just tell me that, not getting me into this condition.
I believe you in you dreamer, as an admin, can do take a wise decision.

I'd like to tell you again the username of the scammer is bad_boy. You can check our inbox to make sure I'm not lying. Thank you very much.

Thank you,
13-06-17 15:18 Delete
13-07-10 10:28
cherokee_rose: A new addition to the Shame Wall:

rentao: I wait then he log out tsk tsk
13-11-18 20:22 Delete
rentao: Inbox
--danzelle--:wait mag change char aq.
2013-11-18 18:17:32 Delete
13-11-18 20:21 Delete
rentao: I sell my ec to him then we agreed that hel pay me in s2 for just 50c but after i trade my ec (which is i copy my trade confirmation) he sed he change char to pay me in s2 but he never pay me!now he deny that he have my ec!my proof is this "
Offer trade
Your offer: Minotaur's earth crafter
You have been offered:Magi's amulet
Mana: +20
Wisdom: +3
Level: 10
Do you want to confirm this trade?
» Confirm
« Back
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13-11-19 08:02
cherokee_rose: jinstrikas
Level 93 Barbarian

MESHAKH didn't return my 20c that he borrowed. It supposed to be returned in 3days. He promised to return it last november 1st as s2 start but still, he didn't do it. He promised 3x. 1st, if his helm will be sold. 2nd, his armor. 3rd, his jewel.
13-12-21 17:28
-jecht-: n0tzkie: bro mod please help me my 650c scam of james_t_kirk he said after i transfer to james account he many aleby to sell his manastorm siam his other account:( please how to comeback my 650c?
2014-01-08 04:08:30 Delete

yet another account of hell_bound aka hell-girl scamming players out of gear/credits
14-01-08 04:21
n0tzkie: Inbox
siam: Do not mention this deal
to anyone
2014-01-08 03:37:04 Delete wew b'coz you cheat me?
14-01-08 06:16
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