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-jecht-:   alphawolf: Could you please compare jelly bean and preets ip tell me if it's same person
2016-09-07 03:52:31 Delete
Actually haves nerve to ask a mod to give him information about another players account...smh
16-09-07 06:53
q-_-p: -magnuss- too are Scammer not trust him and other this players acounts
16-07-01 20:36
boudica: Another lina account: fitri_maulida

Yes, he is lina & he is a scammer. Don't trust him.
15-03-16 17:31
cherokee_rose: Please note that the list below is only a partial list. Don't be a victim!
15-03-08 08:55
cherokee_rose: This player has repeatedly scammed others in trades involving the sale of credits for load or pulsa, and trading credits between servers. I'm only listing SOME of the names that have been reported in scams linked to this player:

15-03-08 08:50
boudica: We have yet another scammer/thief: his name is: the_hunterz in s1 & hell_ghoul in s2.

(name deleted): he wanted to trade my s2 300credits with his s1 650credits...he even said that no scammer is after transferring my credits..he blocked me from sending message and never stay online on s1...his name is hell_ghoul a.k.a the_hunterz on s1 15-02-25 22:40:24

 (name deleted): I'm a fool for trusting him/her...all my credits are just gone in a second...and credits can't be bought at our place,so I have been earning by selling items... anyway,thanks a lot 15-02-25 22:35:43

 (name deleted): mod/boss...someone scammed me by trading credits...I lost all my hardly earned credits...can you help me ? please
15-02-25 22:30:38
15-02-25 22:50
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