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illusionz: 1. Have the gear you wish to SMS in your inventory.

2. Go to Home>Credits>Super Magic Scroll

3. First box asks for the Item you wish to scroll. Select it in the drop box and hit continue.

4. Next screen will show your item in the drop box... DO NOT HIT CONTINUE.

5. Open that drop box and find the appropriate title that you want and select it. Now your desired title should be showing in the drop box.

6. Click continue and there you have your SMS scrolled item.

7. You may give the new piece a "Name" or skip that part.

8. Put your item back on lol
13-06-24 08:01
rizalkiller: -rofl- dreamer working on a new game .he wouldn boter check tat bug.and the heraldon fb page .doesn kept pr omise
13-06-22 10:30
illusionz: Whew! I so agree...someone who has had some success should share the step by step procedure. I never got an option to choose the title I wanted on my helm.... it just spit out Lizard title and took my 100c.
13-06-22 08:35
-zen-: If anyone TRULY knows how to do this please help everyone out an leave post a how to. its a shame to see players use a 100credit item up an not get use it to its full potential. Thanks!
13-06-22 07:54
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