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Server #2 Ideas » Please Read before posting!
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dreamer: Greetings!

This is a temporarily forum to gather Server #2 suggestions/feedback/ideas so it can be further improved.

We will give FREE Entrance keys for the most valuable feedback & ideas so your effort will be appreciated, thanks.

What are we looking for?

Any balance/gameplay tweaks, clan/competition/PvP adjustments & ideas, and anything else you think is missing there.

If you cannot find a topic where you can post accordingly, create a new one but please use a meaningful & self-explanatory title.

Thank you & looking forward to hear what you have to say! I promise to read every single topic here.

14-08-09 12:23
dreamer: Next round might start in ~2 weeks if everything goes as expected, thanks.
14-08-09 12:33
dreamer: PLEASE explain why you think one way or another - that might help a lot to understand you suggestions/ideas. It is always important to understand not only what has to be done but WHY it has be done.

Thank you.
14-08-09 12:54
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