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darkness45: new a piece dual wield item
grim talon

15-06-11 09:43
subathran-svks: dreamer assasins are the weakest of all classes but they are treated as premium class i dont say they deserve the title premium class no bonus on stats like amazons but amazons can do anytime the 300% but assasins cant do like that they dont even have good spells too wraithstrike is an earth class it will work less on all having earth protection but vigor frenzy and even pride is not like that pls add something for assasins amazons have a very good weap bow at lvl 100 assasin is famous for their dual weild weapon but they dont have a lvl 100 dual wield weapon they only have lvl 80 dual weild weapon which is even almost impossible to craft but we can easily craft wizendraw and other bows too hope u change something for assasins and make them a premiun class
15-03-29 14:36
dragon157: o assassin devia poder usar uma arma em cada mao e usar algumas armas com dano elemental
15-03-25 02:54
rival_terrorshot: But it is a chance so the more you have the increase on the ability the more chance it will happen
15-03-23 23:31
rival_terrorshot: Maybe as the name suggests assassin, an ability on some items for the assassin and the ability is Ex. Blind Fight +3 which can give the assassin a 90% chance for a critical and the opponent deals no damage towards the assassin.

Ex. As Items
Assassin's Light Helm
+2 Strength
+2 Blind Fight
+4 Agility

Ex. In Battle
-name- critically struck -opponent name- for (damage amount)
-opponent name- missed -name- due to a Blind Attack.

Hope my idea gets into the game as my last one did because like I said I have a lot of ideas

P.S. Dreamer I have ideas for each class so pm me if you wanna here some of em .
15-03-23 23:30
-trafalgar-: New items crafted for Assassin in level 25:
1. Shadow kiss
Type: Weapon ( dual wield ).

-Damage: 1-24
-Dexterity: +7

2. White glow
Type: Body armor
-Damage: +5-15
-Health: +50
-Armor: 45
-Dexterity: +7
14-12-20 13:41
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