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shadow020: Pls....Can you fix in way to conflox town to be a small level to enter...
18-10-29 15:40
shadow020: Can you give all amazon a strong weapon but small level for a plead
18-10-29 15:29
shadow020: When you combine RING OF HEALTH 3
and RING OF HEALTH 1 it will be RING OF HEALTH 4 ,©©©
18-10-29 15:25
moekids: shot bonus amazon 100% not 300% this skill verry infosible for pvp. Add spell wirwind and wirwind master for amazon.. If amazon use spell wirwind bonus shot 300% and 350% bonus shot if use wirwind master. Not 300% shot bonus without spells..
16-05-07 10:25
touka_: Maybe if amazon get a new spell or add small boost for str it's a very well
16-04-15 17:36
zazon: it is unfair that assassin always do his critical bonuss. amazon not aways do his shot bonuss and need have shot weapon to do it :(. So fix this, please :)
15-05-18 00:39
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