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blekok: Amazon can use the shield, but do not
wear a shield, replace the words shield
on the amazon items for items of
ammunition and ammunition,
ammunition gives some% dex, examples
of flame arrow req lvl 50 dex 50 dex give
14-10-07 13:08
lordrazor: amazon get new spell decreases armor enemy
14-10-07 03:36
gmlsi: amazon get item in slot shield,that item give persentase shot bonus,but that item can't craft gem/rune.
14-10-07 01:32
-keh-: I say we need a quiver with rune/gem slots but almost no stats.
Also a build update-str,wis or dex and endu
14-09-28 21:31
-eagle_eye-: Amazons should get shield BUT they would be more like a gauntlet but it will have a plate of metal on it, so it will be a very small shield on a gaunlet, so obviously it would be weaker than usual shields or just give amazons quivers/arrows
14-09-10 10:26
beware: I agree with the idea with asmodeus, a quiver for better shot bonus or bracer for a little endurance and armor. Lvl 80 legendary set is also needed for amazons. Thanks :)
14-08-22 06:13
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