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tenno: Necromancer has 10% to instantly resurect without penalty for death, example in pvp enemy hits you and you "die" you have a chance to resurect at half health and continue normally, effect can be called Risen Wrath
17-01-10 05:50
mustorador: decreases
16-06-17 01:56
mustorador: necro have spell dexrease dam and armor
16-06-17 01:55
-4lexander-: New spell for Necromancer:
-Spell name: Tekkai kempo
-Spell working: Increase ur armor n decrease enemy strength
-Spell requirements:
wisdom 12
14-12-23 08:34
medieval: If you make account necro you get free pet skeleton for help you lvling.
14-10-24 16:21
-bound-: Make spell " Buried " decrease enemy armor
14-10-15 13:38
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