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dreamer: This is more or less stable class so we'd prefer minor adjustments only.

Your ideas here.
14-08-09 12:31
the_gamer: better able to regulate pet druids can use a special spell druids ... druids more players make more creations on the pet
14-08-09 12:57
mfaiz: New spell Spell Name: Soulth of
Darkness can weaken the
strength, dexterity players and
increase dex and wisdom
requirements: lvl 80 druid class
wisdom: 250
14-08-09 12:58
fazry: Make druid have pasive skill
14-08-09 12:59
fazry: Make pets can use spell plis
14-08-09 13:00
floridaboy: druids should have armor bonus too, or endurance
14-08-09 13:02
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