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steven_richards: new spell druid:
name druid amstrong
damage 500-700
lvl 90
wisdom 10000
mana required:250
15-01-02 21:29
zrubys: What class? Ex water.When your enemies have 50% pot.water.
>If u cast 3turn damage =3x50%=150% spell damage.
>If U cast spell -75(20%) pot.elemental. so u only make- 75x0.5=33%.u give 2x67%=134%spell damage for 2turn late....
>Thinking that.lolz.u lost a turn.not high effect than before.
>U say Its non elemental spell? Lolz. Why dont have a non elemental spell damage?
>> need non elemetal spell damage for druid. Its true druid .master of magic.
14-10-11 09:05
cash_spell: New speel can ingore enemy resistan for 45-60%, cek this all player get more 50% resistan from speel druid, so wee need more status ingore they special defent
14-10-11 08:23
raditz: if druids dont get a very high damaging none elemental spell they will never be able to kill dragons or even compete in pvp. it sucks as i like the druid class in most games.
14-10-10 13:36
zrubys: Need non elemental spell for lvl 80, as chaos damage, pass enemies armor, elemental protections.
bcoz almost lengend gears have high prot.elemental.
.it make druid can attack bos, or maybe kill mighty dragon title.
14-10-10 09:27
anakpetani: new spell bloodlust/Vigor
14-10-08 03:02
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