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lova19: new spells update
14-08-12 11:13
weakbarbarian: as paladians already has good updates they are good by now but it would be great if they had a spell like vigor and pride and frenzy
14-08-09 13:13
-matic-: Paladin ... should be able to use items that focus on dex..must could benefit from heal that banyak..but can not lose against mobs or pvp ..
14-08-09 13:11
medieval: Increase dexterity and strength .And new spell that adds strength and dexterity
14-08-09 13:08
thestranger: Simply add dexterity if you leveled up, you will be able to have a chance to miss from monster/player's hit. Weakness is the best spell because it will decreases up to 50% damage from monster (that's very great!). Don't forget to add some wisdom, or use items which increase wisdom to keep spell's value more usable.
14-08-09 12:54
dreamer: This is more or less stable class so we'd prefer minor adjustments only.

Your ideas here.
14-08-09 12:32
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