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dreamer: Any suggestions/improvements you would offer?
14-08-09 12:32
-uki-: Spell first then Players hit. So the 2nd players has good effect for casting Dispel/Cure. Currently dispel/cure not effective because it casted after enemy's hit
14-08-09 12:54
mfaiz: Pvp in ba same as in the castle
will get items after attacking if
win and will add to the won
the battle and lost the battle
but that would attack more
spell effects and damage
14-08-09 13:03
drgthunder: for pvp should be no limit to the attack ,, same ,,
because there just use it to get items that other
people ,, I also became a victim of such a thing ,,
14-08-09 13:08
floridaboy: make it a fight to death, not 3 not 6 but until one is dead hahaha
14-08-09 13:10
weakbarbarian: in ser 2 pvp should be given a main importance but sometimes people use it to steal gears by attacking players with jewel on and not let them hunt peacefully so in this ser 2 in pvp normal stats are calculated only jewel bonus are left out in battle which will be a fair battle
14-08-09 13:23
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