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boudica: We have more scammers every day. 

Dreamer & the mods are not able to help you recover lost items or credits when you 'choose' to do a trade instead of using the Marketplace. 

Can you explain to me why we have a Marketplace??? 

If a player will not put an item into the marketplace to sell it, that means that they don't want to sell it or that they want to take your credits or item without paying for it... 

Why don't you understand that? 

This is the reason why that dreamer created the marketplace... 

Use the marketplace, it is the only safe way to buy or sell items. -_-
15-08-29 03:30
boudica: I borrowed this from nrv's profile. It's excellent advice for players of all levels. 

It will be announced IN THE HOME PAGE when it is. 

Don't click on ANY links sent to you offering credits or gear for signing up. If they say the name of any mod to make you believe, Communicate with that mod. 

Be smart, dreamer isn't gonna create lvl 5 alts with weird names to invite you to Heraldon. If you get a pm, SEND A COPY TO A MOD. 

And for the last time, don't click on a link unless you want to lose your credits, gold, gear, pets and most importantly, YOUR IDENTITY. Stay safe. Don't get conned.
15-08-29 03:28
nrv: It's important to have a strong password for you account to prevent it from being hacked by other people.It's recommended to use a password that is;
»long.about 8-15 or more characters.
»hard to guess.
»with symbols like #,-?@\\_~/&;':^ etc
»Also, DO NOT SHARE your password with ANYONE.many players have lost their accs because of their problems with the person who knows their pw.
»use different passwords for different accounts.

Stay safe.enjoy and have fun.happy hunting -paladin-
14-08-17 11:13
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