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Please read all these posts carefully. They have been posted to help you make your account more secure.
15-08-29 04:01
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 abraham: Be smart. Think before you click. 

13-09-13 11:41
15-08-29 03:49
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muttleyaxe: As per Terms Of Service, YOU are responsible for WHAT happens to your account and who you let USE your account. 

Using ANY outside links, sharing your password, allowing access to any saved bookmarks is the EASIEST way for someone to gain access to your account and STEAL from you. It is HIGHLY recommended that you do NONE of the above and do not use easily guessed passwords. Use a password with a MINIMUM of 9 characters. 
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15-08-29 03:48
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 cherokee_rose: If you play here at Black Dragon, and come across URLs for other sites, or even claiming to be "heraldon" links, your account will be PHISHED. This means that your password will be stolen and it cannot be recovered. 

These links are commonly found on profiles, in forums, chat rooms and yes, even in your inbox. 


If you find a link posted anywhere, report that player's name, and if possible send a copy of the message/information to a moderator. 

13-07-14 11:39
15-08-29 03:47
boudica: What he is saying is don't give a fake email address when you register your accounts. The only way to recover your password is with a 'real' email account. 

And: No, dreamer will not reset your password for you. You must register with a real email address.
15-08-29 03:41
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ruman: To recover your passwords you need an email account that you don't forget five seconds after you add it to your account.
15-03-23 20:26
15-08-29 03:39
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