[Gaia PvP #93] Round Is OVER!
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blue_octopus: Nice round⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I need more round like this. No trade no market
23-05-19 12:52
_eros_: Gr8 round proving MP is not needed maybe a little better drop rates for recipes,Jewels and charms then we are golden
23-05-19 12:57
hukl: It said double drops.. it doesn't felt like that.. drops was hard.. and treasure chest mostly jewels which are useless for the time..and if no market prefer to release pieces from start.. alot of pieces where missing.
23-05-19 13:09
bblover34: Nice reward but process or resuit, which is fun? I don't think that play alone is fun. This is multiplayer game and we need to co-op to make process become easier.
And please remove exp loss from pvp. That feature block friendly pvp at b.a and also loss union between players. High lv barbarian may not survival if there are many strong attacker.
23-05-19 13:46
-moonlight-: Need better drop rates. Got only 3x suwayya rec, 1 lich tooth, etc.. usually assassin gets Amazon rec an amazon get barb rec 😂😂 pls improve jewel, rec, charm drops then we are fine with no mp. I don't think ur sales decrese bxoz of no mp.

Also remove armor runes, just like i removed stam runes. Actually we don't need endurance jewels and armor jewels. So u cam remove them from chests as well.
23-05-19 16:04
nenervuok11: One of worse pvp, was my last pvp round ever
23-05-19 16:59
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