[Gaia PvP #93] Round Is OVER!
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mystic_paladin: Disable MP again, then turn on service to buy Recipe, Rune, and the others. Or increase Drop rate of Recipe, item,Rune and etc for the class we use.

Last round i even can't find single recipe Soldier justice and Recipe Moon quiver.
23-05-28 04:42
barbstar: Fix vault!
23-05-28 02:15
red_ribbon: enabling mp makes the round more lively and rewarding, especially for those trying to earn credits. that's all
23-05-27 23:15
arthurmorgan: No mp = more fun and challenging at same time. Perfect balance just consider increasing drop rates perhaps…
23-05-26 21:43
resurrector: - G2 is still good without mp👍, just increase the droprate of recs and pieces.

- About G2 Pvp system, the losers deducted exp percentage will be given to the winner. 😁

- Bring back deconstruct and vault share

- Add Split Magic Scroll feature.

Please Fix the ff:
- Forgot password
- Fix Library when switching to Level Category, some items are missing.
- Fix MP when selling bulk items, sometimes "Wrong quantity" appears.
23-05-26 17:49
-pazazaran-: Add ulti supreme jewel , and divine jewel on honnor shop , for fast buy no need craft again
23-05-26 14:23
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