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nakusha: Inventory
Erdamon's Hell Lord's Horn
Level: 100
How i can unscrol this😭😭
23-05-26 13:48
kazz_madagaskar: Many people rating this round 5star
23-05-26 12:32
-soalagogo-: Better Fun with No Mp .. Pvp Battle make sure 5x/hour
And -2,5% exp ifnlose and get 2% exp for the winner .. also increase drop rate Recipe for class we use not another class ty
23-05-26 06:44
-timeless-: This past round proved that no mp is a terrible idea. It didn't stop people using bots and it didn't stop people from making multiple chrs. It did, however, reduce the number of credit buyers from playing the round, as I'm sure your finances have shown. From what I'm hearing more people are talking about not playing next round as well if there's no mp. I personally didn't need to buy more credits and ended the round with excess credits.
And, it's obvious people had multichrs in ranks. I know several people who had multiple chrs. People playing for credits and prizes, which I don't care about. Good for them.
I think if some people don't want to play with an mp then they shouldn't use the mp. But, let the mp be available for those of us who want the mp.

Dreamer, please give us back our full vault and next pvp restore our mp.

If people don't want to use mp then let them not use mp. For those of us who want mp then why should we suffer?

FYI to those who don't know: armor jewels are great for druids. Endurance are great for those who don't use credits to boost.

Ps rokz if you spent over 700,000 credits why aren't you diablo? ;D and, no one buys at outlandish prices that I know of.. we wait til the kids put them in for reasonable prices or pm them to get better deal . Now you know :D

I see rokz is putting words in my mouth. I never called anyone dumb. And saying only Diablos chrs should post is because people are using multiple chrs to post. Much like multiple chrs to play. As to amount of credits I buy, I can no longer spend hundreds of dollars at blackdragon. Happy you can! I guess the $5000.00+ from the past will have to do.

Dreamer the no MP at PvP server will not stop bots. Or stop people from making multiple chrs for prizes. I'm fairly certain even rokz had multiple chrs. S3 had no MP and that server failed . btw Martis is missed.
23-05-26 05:22
rokz: -Fun round ban mp -dance- would be nice if we can hunt recipes and pieces earlier like from day 1 and day 2 if MP stays offline… „+7500 Skill Points“ that I can’t use please give us option to trade them for honor?

P.S the logic of not using MP if u don’t want it doesn’t stop people from abusing MP and manipulating market prices to sell jewel III dex for 5k because of incredibly low drop rates of jewels with market enabled, forces us to use it and some people keep refreshing last page of market and buy all the cheap jewels and resell at extremely high prices aka market manipulation…

-We don’t have to abuse our fellow players to advantage ourselves at the cost of others. If this keep up it will drive more people away it’s better when drop rates are high and we can drop things ourselves makes the game more FUN and stops New/Desperate players from constantly being scammed.

Please note: If you didn’t use enough credits you didn’t level enough according to my calculations @timless u did not even reach top 10-15? I spent over 700k credits and by end of round only had barely any credits left there is a huge difference in amount of credits needed to level from level 90-110 it’s not comparable to level 60-80 max by end of round ;D without MP at least my credits go back to the system instead of wasting so much of it on scam prices on MP and where are the people who are not playing? I only see very less complains about MP being gone in feedback section.

The ratings on this round speaks for it sell 4.5+

-No one can say with certainly that sales decrease except dreamer I might’ve spent 5k€ how would’ve you known?

Remove MP permanently from g2 it’s a hardcore experience and since pvp is so limited it can be challenging in this sense just little tweak needed we have a Under used MP in g1 people can start using it more if they like Mp so much

(Timeless don’t call me a crybaby for sharing my thoughts that’s the entire point of feedback section and FYI I was #1 supporter last round don’t see u wearing any Divine gear and how I spend my money is my decision so don’t worry if I get Diablo or not… if dreamer implemented ur ideas we would be more doomed then ever if I recall correctly you recently said “dreamer should make feedback section Diablo only” and still you think you have the right to call other people’s ideas Dumb, the audacity :F )

I rest my case and hope eagerly that you consider what is best for our favourite game blackdragon.
23-05-25 23:48
scylla-: Put deconstruct back! Find a way to not make 150 items deconstructable but other items doesnt has issues with it

Also challanges with reward of spells should be fun

In rounds mp is enabled keep get items feature enabled too sir

Also whats rewards for first few that reach lvl 200 ? :S
23-05-25 11:41
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