[Gaia PvP #93] Round Is OVER!
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mre_wap_mu: Please increase effect of jewel of armor and jewel of endurance. They alway root in my storage every round.
And make every classes are able to use all class rune and wearpon if closed mp too.

How about opening both "open mp" and "close mp" servers, dreamer?
Then no one will complain about mp more.
23-05-25 04:45
bloodkicker: Enable mp again this round and compare the ratings after the round. If with mp is higher then permanently enable it and if it's lower, then disable it permanently;D
Also please respect each other's opinion. You're not the only one supporting the game. Don't act so "high and mighty".
23-05-24 22:53
death_tempo: Add pet naming, sure everybody has an Elnath or a Frog, but what about an Elnath name Freddison? 🤨 checkmate. Keep the quotation marks out of the equation as well as removing the species name. We should still be able to see the species when we click on the pet
23-05-24 16:12
kaz_winterz: Need pvp batlles if lose -10%xp.. If win add +5%xp🔥🔥🔥 it's make real round pvp
23-05-24 11:49
-_hercules_-: Keep MP out make drop rate for rec and jewels better
23-05-24 00:08
red-eyes-bd: Nice round. No trade and MP. We just need a bit more drop rates for rec, jewels, pieces and charms. Please remove armor runes
23-05-22 23:02
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