[Gaia PvP #99] The 11th Zodiac - Sagittarius!
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rousseau: bring back mp, why is it disabled
23-10-25 17:05
2themoon: Open the market place or deconstruct its usless to get good rarity if no deconstruct. Or change ingr to other rec. And please rec drop increase.
23-10-25 17:51
walnut: I agree rune class removed since i did't any rune class last round 😶
23-10-25 17:57
atar: PvP damage x10, Credits sale should x10 too -lol-
23-10-25 18:02
-p41n-: i'll use Japan's flag instead Indonesia's flag, hope will safe from PK'er 🥶
23-10-25 18:52
soulless_: Need deconstruct because of raritys
23-10-25 19:33
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