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[Gaia PvP #101] 4 New Quests!
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24-01-28 02:05
_fizzarolli_: Last day of gaia pvp tomorrow.

Surely a THOUGHT OUT, DECENT, & BOREDOM KILLER update is in store... AND it better not be a challenge boss only🫵
Cant wait for Gaia 1!
24-01-27 05:48
shadowcaster: Petition to remove gem/jewel/elix/runes of ARMOR in game for forever unless u making damage scaling on defense!
24-01-24 09:52
-timeless-: My vault is still broken
24-01-23 06:05
-bryson-g-: UPDATE GAIA 1 RN -cry-
24-01-18 10:12
pinpin: Too easy for alt finish the quest...make it like before super rare drop😅
24-01-17 07:29
Trang: 1/2
1 2